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If you are not conscious of your time yet, this is just to remind you that you have spent the first six months of the year and soon, the year would come to an end.

This reminder is not intended to give anybody high blood pressure or create panic if you are yet to start off with your savings or investment projection for the year, but to put you on the alert that time waits for no man.

At the beginning of the year, many of us had outlined plans including savings and investments to be accomplished in the current year, but here we are some have not accomplished one and we will soon be reminded that it’s time to make another resolution.

Can one start now? Experts say it is not too late.

Late last year, many people wondered why they could not make reasonable savings despite the fact that they made so much money.

According to some of them, list of expenses, bills and family dependants and others already forgotten, were major impediments to achieving savin…………… continues on BusinessDay
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Personal finance: your queries answered
News from Irish Times:
The Irish Times – Monday, June 27, 2011

DOMINIC COYLE answers readerss queries

Prospects of getting a mortgage at 54 


I’m 54 and seeking to buy a home. 

I understand that financial institutions restrict the term of a mortgage to the point when the holder reaches the age of 70. In my case that would mean that I could have a maximum term of 16 years. 

Have you any advice to offer to someone in my age group seeking a mortgage? 

– Mr PC, e-mail 


It’s not necessarily what you want to hear but there is little flexibility available to you. If anything, the current financial crisis has ensured that banks are more careful than they have been for a generation.

Kevin McNerney, who is a broker and member of the Trusted Advisor Group, says there is no w…………… continues on Irish Times
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