What Will Become of Libya’s African Investment After Gadhafi?
News from Voice of America:

As Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi faces defeat at the hands of a popular uprising, he is still well-regarded across much of Africa for his legacy of generosity.

Television images revealed the treasures of a decadent lifestyle, including gold-plated handguns and an indoor swimming pool.

But beyond his personal wealth, the government of Colonel Gadhafi also invested heavily in East Africa.

A Libyan-financed hotel towers over Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, and has been nicknamed Gadhafi’s egg because of its unique shape. Other Libyan luxury hotels stand tall in the capitals of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

The country also has been one of the biggest contributors to the African Union as well as the African Development Bank.

As Colonel Gadhafi’s reign comes to an end, this legacy of investment may unravel.

“Libya now needs to spend its money at home in needs resources both for reconstruction, not only from the damage from the war, but also from the lack of in…………… continues on Voice of America
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Cornyn calls for investment at border
News from Forbes:

HIDALGO, Texas — U.S. Sen. John Cornyn renewed the call for a $ 6 billion investment in the country’s ports of entry to improve security and the efficient flow of job-creating commerce at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Cornyn, flanked by elected officials and business leaders from the Rio Grande Valley, also gave a more restrained explanation of spillover violence, which in the past he had described as “real and escalating.”

“I think you’d have to draw a very clear line right along the border. And on the north of the border it’s among some of the safest cities and communities in the nation, including where we’re standing today,” Cornyn said Tuesday under the withering heat at the Hidalgo International Bridge. “I think the American people need to be very clear … that the border communities themselves on the United States side are very safe.”

To maintain that status while allowing the 4.9 million trucks that cross the southern border every year to do so without costly…………… continues on Forbes
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