Utility Solar Projects: Local Shakedowns Could Destroy Investment Momentum
News from Seeking Alpha:

To all the other hassles faced by solar companies installing utility-sized projects in the desert, you can now add attempted shakedowns by local politicians.

The shakedown could destroy the investment momentum of such companies as First Solar (FSLR), which supply solar panels and systems, as well as utilities that buy such power like Edison International (EIX). Until the shakedown problem is resolved, every company in this market is a riskier investment.

And not just in California. Because this shakedown could happen anywhere a local government sees a coming renewable project as a cash cow.

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Rick Bozich | Investment all about big payoff in April
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John Calipari on the SEC basketball teleconference: University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari gives a mid-summer briefing during the June 27, 2011. There was talk about expanding the league schedule, recruiting, his new contract and other items.

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The Great Investment
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