Top tips: finding the right financial adviser
News from Your Money:

Today’s news that mystery shoppers have discovered poor investment advice in banks and building societies will leave many consumers confused about where to turn.

With 13% of bank advisers failing to offer even basic financial recommendations, if you are looking to make an investment, buy a financial product or plan for the longer term, you might be inclined, now more than ever, to see a financial adviser.

You can of course do many of these tasks yourself using free information and tools on websites like Money Advice Service and from organisations like Citizens Advice.

However, a financial adviser could be worth their weight in gold when it comes to more complex products.

Here are three ways to help you find the best adviser for your needs:

1. Ask for recommendations

Speaking to family and friends about who they use for their financial advice could cut down your search time dramatically. Ask what services the adviser has provided them in the past to make sure their recommendation matches your requirements.

2. Search newspapers, the phone dir…………… continues on Your Money

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Tips for Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future
News from Mountain Grove News Journal:

(StatePoint) Do you lay awake at night wondering if you’ll have enough money to pay the bills, let alone retire? Could you pay the bills at $ 170 to $ 350 daily if you or your spouse were disabled? Do you have an extra $ 100,000 a year for this care?

Expect the unexpected. Be prepared. Many challenges which can ruin your financial life can be avoided in less than 60 minutes, according to financial experts.

“Even if you are just starting out in your career you have to start making plans for retirement if you want your money to be there when you need it,” says Kris Miller, a retirement and living trust expert and author of the new book “Ready for PREtirement? Plan Retirement Early So Your Money Is There When You Need It.”

“No one relishes talking about emergencies, layoffs, long-term illness and death. Planning for such circumstances is crucial to protecting your family’s financial future,” she stresses.

Here are some of her best tips on taking the right steps early on:

• Start Saving Money Now. Even if you just eliminate a few expenses, such as that extra cup of coffeehouse coffee, and use that savings to investi in retirement, it will make a big difference.

• Max out your 401(k). All you have to do is fill out a form to increase it to the maximum contribution. And i…………… continues on Mountain Grove News Journal

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