Top 10 tips for saving on tax
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Act early to cut tax stress / File

  • Flood levy means a different tax year
  • Prepay deductible expenses before July
  • Biggest tax bills can come from CGT
  • Money: Home sales fall flat

TAX time means different things to different people, ranging from drowning in a sea of paperwork to rubbing your hands in anticipation of an impending windfall from the Australian Taxation Office.

The final month of the financial year is always a good ti…………… continues on
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Smart investment tips for mothers
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A mother handles myriad responsibilities in a household. It not only includes running the household, but also, as with many working mothers, planning and aspiring for the future needs for their children like their education, health and marriage.

While all mothers concentrate on executing these responsibilities with utmost diligence, they may not necessarily be aware of the most optimal way of reaching their own financial goals to ensure a good education and life for their children and hence the importance of financial planning.

The foremost step to financial planning for mothers is to identify and set their financial goals. Most working mothers contribute a certain amount of money every month towards their household expenses and child care, because of which their families are used to a particular standard of living. It, therefore, becomes important for working mothers to take care that they are not underinsured. Working mothers should also take care to have sufficient …………… continues on Indian Express
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