Tips and tricks for raising a smart investor
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The sooner the better: The saying applies to many facets of life, including educating children about money. By introducing sound financial habits early on, you’ll give your child a head start on becoming an informed investor. Here are some creative ideas, as well as book and Web site suggestions, for raising a financially savvy kid.

Lessons for every age

Toddler — Although it may seem early to begin instilling investment know-how in a toddler, the first few years of life are critical for mental development. Toys that incorporate counting, such as building blocks, can help a child develop mathematical skills.

Age 5- 7 — Board games are an entertaining way to teach kids about managing finances. Monopoly covers all the bases — earning money, saving and spending, capital budgeting, risk and reward and taxes. This classic game now comes in an electronic banking edition and even as a smartphone or tablet application. Other options include The Game of Life, Billionaire Tycoon, Moneywise Kids and Pay Day.

Age 8 to preteen — At this stage, many children start accumulating income from allowances, birthdays and special occasions, and even small businesses, like lemonade stands or shoveling driveways.

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