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We’re getting closer to the so-called “fiscal cliff” — the point at the end of this year when, unless lawmakers intervene, some automatic spending cuts will go into effect, the Bush-era tax cuts will expire and basic income-tax rates will rise, along with taxes on long-term capital gains and stock dividends.

There’s no way to know what legislators might do, so investors had better have a plan or two in place to protect their portfolio, Robert Powell…………… continues on MarketWatch

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Comprehensive Personal Finance Help Documents In Development Announces …
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June 28, 2012

USA Payday Forever has begun development of personal finance documentation. These files will help visitors at their website.

(PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Today, USA Payday Forever announced that they are creating a new system of personal finance aid documentation. They said that they will be uploading these new documents to their personal loan website. They also stated that the purpose of these documents is to provide a way for visitors to their website to understand their personal loan services, as well as to give them advice on how to handle their own personal finance issues. Essentially, they said, the goal is to make sure that customers know exactly how to deal with their personal loan before they get it.

These new documents are not expected to be implemented on their personal loan website immediately. Not only are they still in their developmental phase, but also the new website design for USA Payday Forever is also still being developed. USA Payday Forever said that they estimate that the new personal finance documentation won’t likely be ready until a while after they launch t…………… continues on RedOrbit

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