Singapore Targets S$ 13 Billion in Investment Commitments in 2013
News from Bloomberg:

Singapore is targeting as much as S$ 13 billion ($ 11 billion) of investment commitments in manufacturing and services this year even as the city state struggles with rising business costs amid curbs on foreign workers.

The country lured fixed-asset investments of about S$ 16 billion last year, the Economic Development Board said today in its annual review today. The government is also targeting as much as S$ 8 billion in business spending in 2013 from manufacturing and services industries such as information and communications, education and health care.

Singapore, which has been ranked the easiest place to do business for seven straight years by the World Bank, is competing with lower-cost countries such as neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia for foreign investment as an uneven global recovery hurts demand for exports. A government push to reduce the island’s reliance on cheap workers has tightened the labor market, pushing the unemployment rate to a six-quarter low.

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Iraqi national says country needs US investment to re-build
News from Fox News:

Iraqi-American Wadie Habboush was working for a blue-chip U.S. law firm when the call to return to his roots found him embarking on a grand project — rebuilding Basra.  

His family has a history in the construction and manufacturing businesses, but their way of doing business did not jibe with Saddam Hussein’s, so they left Iraq decades ago. Habboush grew up in Kuwait, and was educated in the United States.  

He is now folding all his life experience into his work, helping to drum up investment in the energy, manufacturing and infrastructure businesses in Iraq, and has set up a company to partner with foreign investors. He helps them to develop and execute projects.  I met up with him at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“The U.S. invested a lot of time and resources helping the Iraqis get rid of Saddam Hussein and the previous regime,” Habboush says, but adds that you don’t see much American investment in Iraq.

“Do you see what you see in the rest of the Gulf in Iraq? Do you see American investment? Do you see private equity funds there?  No. Do you see any big flow of foreign direct investment from New York into Southern Iraq? No. I don’t see that.”

Habboush says Southern Iraq holds the largest basket of resources; he calls it the last mega-frontier in terms of oil and gas. And h…………… continues on Fox News

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