Q&A: Ed Butowsky Gears Up To Launch Fund Of Hedge Funds
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Texas-based wealth advisor Ed Butowsky “grew up” at Morgan Stanley where he spent 18 years, including a stint as a senior vice president in private wealth management, before striking out on his own in 2005 to launch Chapwood Investments, a private wealth management advisory firm. His latest venture is Paramount Access Advisors, a closed-end management investment company that is about to launch a 1940 Act registered fund of hedge funds. Butowsky says the new fund, set to launch on May 1, will offer access to some of the world’s top money managers for a low minimum investment of $ 25,000. The key to its design, he says, is correlation—or the lack thereof. FINalternatives Senior Reporter Mary Campbell spoke to him recently to find out more about the new fund.
What was the inspiration for this new fund?

I grew up at Morgan Stanley, I was at one point their number one producer in terms of assets under management and production. I ran the high-net-worth group in the Southwest for Morgan…so my business was all high-net-worth investors. I eventually left and went off on my own and…when I did that I started to realize…that there was a huge need for alternative investments in all portfolios.

[T]he world has changed quite a bit…the correlations of assets over the last 10 years ha…………… continues on FINalternatives

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