Personal Financial Tips for Military Families During ‘Military Saves Week’
News from Huffington Post:

Like everyone else in America, military families often face financial difficulties. Unlike everyone else, however, they face those challenges while navigating the heightened expectations and unique challenges of being a member of the armed services or a military spouse.

For example, advancing in one’s chosen career poses a tough challenge for a military spouse who is frequently moving from one city to another in accordance with their loved one’s assignments. And active duty personnel may find it tough to manage finances when they are focused on the mission and far from home during a deployment.

That is why Military Saves Week, taking place from February 25 to March 2, is such an important idea. It is a time to focus on concrete actions that can help military families reach their financial goals while dealing with the unique challenges they face.

Here are some tips for common financial questions that may arise among military families:

1. How to pay off debt?

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