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The Irish Times – Monday, September 26, 2011


High price of transferring Vodafone shares 


I am in the exact same position as your recent correspondent in transferring Vodafone shares into a new name as an executor. I read your reply outlining the low-cost approach via a stock transfer form with annoyance as I have just paid £74 (€84) to Computershare to transfer my late father’s shares worth £315 (€359) into the names of my sister and myself as executors. 

I contacted the Revenue’s stamping office and was told you no longer return a stock transfer form to them. You must use the Revenue OnLine Service (ROS). 

Computershare never suggested there was an alternative to paying them. Part of its £74 (€84) fee was an extra payment, because one of the forms could not be stamped by a…………… continues on Irish Times
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