PERSONAL FINANCE: You aren’t earning enough?
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Are you struggling to make ends meet? If so, you are not alone. The high cost of living has prompted many Nigerians to seek out other avenues to earn extra income and still hold on to a full-time job.

For all of us, a diversification of earnings is advisable; not only does it boost your earnings, but it also provides a safety net should you experience salary delays which have become commonplace, a salary reduction, unexpected job loss, or some other financial setbacks such as major unplanned expenses or significant loss in investments.

Have you identified your God-given talent?

There are different types of people; some capable people are prepared to face the indignities and the consequences of a low income or no income at all, whereas there are others who are determined and are proactive about making efforts to improve their lot and lead a better life by thinking outside the box and seeking to earn extra income by utilising their God-given talents and skills. continues on NEXT
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Consumption – Spending your hard earned money

Topics I plan to cover in this series of Personal Finance Basics include (but not limited to): Financial Planning, Investing, Insurance, Income Tax, Retirement, Benefits (entitlements and company benefits), Spending, saving, giving, to start.

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