Personal Finance: Mira Loma High teens learn to handle money
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Who says teens aren’t smart about money?

In Chad Posner’s economics classes at Mira Loma High school, his students are scoring off the charts when it comes to financial savvy.

On a recent national financial literacy exam, nearly half of his 84 students scored in the top 10 percent. One of those, 18-year-old Angela Liu, scored a perfect 100 percent on the 40-question online test, whose results were released last month by the U.S. Treasury.

Liu, whose parents are Chinese immigrants, said many of the test questions are “common-sense” subjects that go beyond textbook economics. The senior said personal finance is “not just memorizing facts” but learning “real life” skills that everyone should know.

Apparently, she and her classmates know them well. Combined, Posner’s classes scored 86 percent, compared with 69 percent for U.S. teens overall.

Despite its clunky-sounding name, the National Financial Capability Challenge has a clear-eyed goal: to increase…………… continues on Sacramento Bee
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PERSONAL FINANCE:What does long-term really mean?
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One of the best pieces of investment advice given by financial advisors is to view investing as a long term activity both in bear markets, when prices are falling as well as in bull markets, where stock prices are going up. But what does “long term” really mean?

We are often told that cash required for immediate needs should not be invested in the stock market. Beyond that, a long investment horizon typically means investments placed for five years and much longer.

Stay focused on your goal

It’s hard to focus on the long-term when in the short-term the stock market is volatile and unnerving. Stock markets can be unpredictable and markets will be volatile; this is a natural feature of stock market investing.

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