Personal Finance: Many Americans have misperceptions about credit score
News from Sacramento Bee:

Credit scores: Like a Halloween fright night, they can be kind of scary.

We can’t easily see them, and we don’t always know what’s lurking behind them. Perhaps that’s why there seem to be so many myths and misperceptions about exactly what’s in a credit score.

In a recent national survey by Visa Inc. that asked U.S. consumers what factors negatively affect a credit score, plenty of answers were flat-out wrong.

About 25 percent mistakenly thought that where you live can ding your credit score. Others said – erroneously – that your job, your ethnicity or even your age could affect a credit score.

The findings are “dismaying,” said Jason Alderman, Visa’s global financial education director. But, he added, they aren’t altogether surprising.

“People are uncomfortable talking about money, so they perpetuate misinformation by not discussing it with friends, family or at work,” said Alderman. “These (erroneous) ideas pop up … but people don’t talk about th…………… continues on Sacramento Bee
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