Personal finance advice column with Alan Kendrick
News from Peterborough Today:

With Alan Kendrick, Independent Financial Adviser, Oakwood Insurance Consultants and Financial Services. Tel: 01778 341658.

ONE of my previous articles was about the difference between an independent financial adviser and a tied adviser. The tied adviser can only give advice on a limited number of products usually from the financial institution for which he works. An independent financial adviser can deal with the whole market. Complaints about IFAs to the Financial Ombudsman account for about two per cent of the total complaints, complaints about banks account for about 80 per cent of complaints.

The banks have had significant fines imposed on them by the Financial Services Authority in recent years; many of these about Payment Protection Insurance but a large number were about their financial advice services. This has resulted in the banks being fined millions and having to pay compensation running into billions. This emphasises that the banks are doing what they perceive to be the best for themselves and not the best for the clients. This is yet another indication of the target driven culture with the banks.

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100 teachers train here in personal-finance instruction
News from Arizona Daily Star:

The University of Arizona is hosting more than 100 teachers from 33 states at a local resort for training on how to teach personal finance to kids and teens.

The training is being provided by the Take Charge America Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research., based at the UA’s Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences.

“Our goal is to provide educators with free curriculum and the skills and confidence to effectively teach personal finance,” said Nicole Wanago, Take Charge America assistant director for outreach.

There’s a special emphasis on how to teach about spending and saving decisions in the family budget and how to make personal-finance topics relevant to students, Wanago said.

The training began Monday and runs through Thursday at the Omni Tucson National Resort.

Here’s how teachers will put the lessons of the recession into their lesson plans to promote financial literacy.

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