Personal Finance 101: Startup Offers Affordable Access to Financial Planners
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When Learnvest CEO Alexa von Tobel landed a job in finance after college, she was struck by the irony of her situation. She was working on Wall Street, but she didn’t know what a credit score really was or how to deal with taxes.

Though few skills can be as consequential as a basic understanding of personal finance, few schools teach how to balance a checkbook or save for retirement. Learnvest, which von Tobel later dropped out of Harvard Business School to found, is a collection of resources and tools for learning this sort of basic financial knowledge.

Since it launched in December 2009, the startup has raised $ 24.5 million in funding and amassed more than 100,000 users, most of them women.

Now it is expanding to offer not just email-based courses, financial tools like a manual budget planner and articles related to mo…………… continues on Mashable
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