NetWorth: Financial tips for newlyweds, soon-to-weds
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NetWorth: Financial tips for newlyweds, soon-to-weds
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As part of his full-service approach to wedding planning, Sanford Marshall says he refers clients to florists, photographers and financial planners.

Planning a wedding “is the first telltale sign of how the couple views money and the first scenario for there to be conflict,” says Marshall, owner of the Wedding Coach in San Francisco.

“If they have a limited budget and a choice between upgrading their wine, their invitations or getting better centerpieces, that really helps them to prioritize. It forces them to have collaboration and a compromise,” he says. It gives them “a taste of what’s to come.”

After seeing friends, relations and even some clients divorce, in large part over money, Marshall has been advising engaged couples to talk about things like budgeting and joint-versus-separate checking accounts before the big day.

Here are some tips to help newlyweds and soon-to-weds plan their financial futures:

— Check each other’s credit reports: If your betrothed can’t manage debt, better find out before the wedding. Withholding this information from each other is like “financial infidelity,” says John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education at SmartCreditcom.

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Navigating the emotional shoals of divorce is never easy. Add in the problems of untangling shared finances and it gets that much tougher. A few simple tips can help you organize your finances before and after the dissolution of your marriage.

There’s a lot to think about beyond dividing the belongings. Who will make sure bills are paid before the divorce is final? Is there a plan in place for paying for college for your children? Have you made sure your retirement is funded?

If you are contemplating divorce you’ll obviously hire an attorney to guide you through the legal land mines, but many forget that hiring a financial advisor to guide you through the financial land mines is also important. While these 10 critical tips can get you started down the right road, after the legal process has played out, one could be left with long-term financial problems if they don’t get more detailed assistance. The Financial Planning Association has resources to help you through the wrenching divorce process.

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