Love And Money: Financial Tips For A Stronger Relationship
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Valentine’s Day remains a very popular time for marriage proposals but have you created a financial plan for your possible new life together?  It’s time to take the next step and prepare for a blissful marriage!

“It is so important that couples planning marriage reach an agreement about how they intend to merge their finances,” said David Presson, Director of Investment Services at First Bank.  “Financial planning prior to the wedding helps alleviate potential stress and conflicts.” 

And, according to recent studies, financial problems are frequently cited as a major reason for divorce.  First Bank offers these tips to couples planning a wedding:

Plan for Planning

  • Share your personal financial situation with each other to eliminate unwanted surprises later.  Outline your financial goals as a couple, including debt repayment, retirement planning, home purchase, vacations, etc. 
  • Set a time each month to talk about income, bills, investments, etc. to ensure that financial discussions become routine and both spouses stay involved.  Assign financial tasks according to each person’s strengths. 
  • Consider merging accounts to save on fees rather than keeping separate accounts.
  • Decide on a spending limit before discus…………… continues on

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Tax filing tips, filing deadline moved to April 17
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It’s that time again: the time of year we all dread.  No, not just the end of the football season.  It’s tax filing time.  Throughout the month of January your employer, bank and other financial entities have supplied you with all of the necessary documents that you’ll need to knock out your 2011 tax return and put the IRS in your rear view mirror for another year.
Before you get started putting all of the numbers in each of the little boxes, or running out to the pop up tax preparing business down the street, make sure you follow these surefire tips for a safe, secure and accurate return.
Don’t Get Ripped Off
Tax filing season is like Christmas for cyber criminals.  They often set up dummy websites and send official looking emails hoping that you’ll fall into their web.  The IRS will never ask for detailed financial information like PIN numbers, passwords or secret information for credit card, bank or other financial accounts.  In fact, the IRS never initiates contact with taxpayers via email to request any kind of personal information.  Any emails that look like they come from the IRS, should be forwarded to, then deleted.  Do not respond!
Keep More of Your Refund
Many tax preparers offer tax refund loans or other immediate refund programs.  Each of these offe…………… continues on The Light and Champion

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