Israel Seeks Foreign Investment as Exports Slow
News from Washington Post:

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Congress passes startup investment bill, sends to Obama
News from Fox News:

Despite warnings that less government oversight might mean more investment scams, Congress on Tuesday sent President Obama legislation he endorsed making it easier for startups to raise capital without running afoul of federal regulations. 

The legislation, backed by Silicon Valley and the high-tech industry, is on course to be one of the few achievements this year for a Congress mired in partisan divisions and primed for the fall elections. 

The strong 380-41 vote in the House overshadowed misgivings among some Democrats and Democratic allies — including unions and consumer groups — that the bill backpedals on investment protections put in place after the excesses and Wall Street meltdown and could lead to fraud and abuse. 

The Senate passed the bill last week on a 73-26 vote after attaching an amendment that tightened rules for seeking out investors on the Internet. All `no’ votes in both the House and Senate came from the Democratic side. 

The legislation combines a half-dozen smaller, bipartisan bills that exempt young companies from Securities and Exchange Commission reporting rules in order to reduce the costs and red tape of raising capital. 

The centerpiece provision would phase in SEC regulations over a five-year period to allow smaller companies to go public sooner. Firms…………… continues on Fox News

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