Husband faces civil suit in death of rich UBS wealth manager Shele Danishefky Covlin
News from New York Daily News:

The Manhattan public administrator has gone where the cops and the DA have not: publicly accusing ex-stock trader Rod Covlin of killing his rich, beautiful wife two years ago.

Shele Danishefsky Covlin, 47, a UBS wealth manager, was found dead in her upper West Side bathtub on New Year’s Eve 2009. Her scalp was cut and the death was ruled an accidental fall.

Her Orthodox Jewish family refused an autopsy, and she was buried almost immediately, following religious tradition.

However, when detectives learned that the Covlins were in the midst of a bitter divorce, they dug deeper — literally.

The district attorney’s office persuaded Shele’s family to exhume the body, and in July 2010, the medical examiner ruled she had been strangled.

In later court papers, it emerged she told friends she feared her husband meant to kill her and she had obtained an order of…………… continues on New York Daily News

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