How Twitter is becoming your first source of investment news
News from Washington Post:

On Monday afternoon at 2:56 p.m., three hours after the fastest runner of the Boston Marathon crossed the finish line, my Twitter feed lit up. Someone in the office yelled “Two explosions at the Boston Marathon, may be terrorism.” Within seconds, there were first hand reports, photos and even video circulating.

Not on CNN or Reuters or the Associated Press. On Twitter.


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News from Boston Globe:

Stocks were down slightly in the first hour of trading Friday, as Wall Street saw Boston in lockdown and most of the city’s financial hub closed, with employees working from home and skeletal staffs at the office.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down about 52 points, to 14,485.45 by mid-morning. Major money management firms like Fidelity Investments and State Street Corp. told thousands of employees to stay home, as buildings across the city and in Cambridge were closed and public transportation was shut down.

Financial headlines for news-hungry traders in New York and around the world led with the manhunt in Boston for the marathon bombers. Shawn Kravetz, a Boston hedge fund manager working from home because the International Place office building downtown was closed, said he had received a flood of e-mails by early morning.

“I had countless e-mails from institutional brokers, from research analysts around the country, just checking in,’’ Kravetz said. “They said, ‘tell us how we can help.’ The world is paying attention today.”

Investment firms managing billions of dollars said they had contingency plans in place, with fund managers able to work from home and trading shifted to other sites. However some employees who drove in were likely already at work before authorities ordered residents of the Boston area to stay h…………… continues on Boston Globe

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