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MANY suffer from information overload these days. Where can you get the best free advice?

Gen Ys – Justine Davies

FIRSTLY, we need to make the distinction between “information” and “advice”.

Information is simply data: What is the official interest rate? Did the share market rise or fall today?

Advice is the interpretation of data: Is now a good time to lock in a fixed-rate home loan or buy shares? There’s plenty of freely available information. Free advice, though? Most of it’s not worth having.

As far as financial information, there are some top websites out there. The Moneysmart website has great general information. So does the Reserve Bank website (there are some terrific speech transcripts available). The Productivity Commission (pc……………. continues on

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5 Tips for Preventing Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks
News from Credit Union Times:

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Distributed denial-of-service attacks aim to bring portions of a network down by bombarding the network with requests, and large U.S. financial institutions have been prime targets. JP Morgan Chase, Capital One and Bank of America were recently hit, rendering their websites unavailable to customers.

These five tips can help maintain your financial institution’s network and cyber security posture while decreasing the risk and potential collateral damage of DDoS attacks.

Start with the Basic Security Objectives

Financial enterprises should consider implementing controls as they relate to the three main tenants of information security, the CIA triad.  These principles are confidentiality, integrity and availability and are the foundation of any information security policy infrastructure. Confidentiality refers to the safeguarding of sensitive or classified data; integrity refers to keeping the original data unadulterated and intact; and availability refers to the resources and data that need to be continuously available to authorized parties to maintain day-to-day business. While the CIA triad is important for ever…………… continues on Credit Union Times

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