Financial tips for 2013
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Our country is on the verge of the fiscal cliff.  And if a deal is not made by the new year, you can expect many changes, especially in regards to your bank account.

A few local experts, including Financial Advisor Rock Bender, says with the dilemma of the fiscal cliff and increasing government debt, you need to be paying special attention to your assets.

“Well, with the end of the year coming upon us in the next few days, many of us will be making new years resolutions, and only 16 percent of us will be making resolutions with regards to financial planning,”says Bender.

Especially with the uncertainty of the economy in the coming year, Bender offers some advice.

“The first thing you want to do is establish an emergency fund. Generally save up to 3-6 months of you living expenses and this can be done very easily by implementing an automatic savings plan with as little as 5 dollars a week,” says Bender.  

He also says work on reducing and consolidating credit card debt. In addition to that, think about your retirement fund. “You want to make sure you’re saving up to at least up to the employer’s match, and receive their contribution to match your contribution.”  
Herbert Allen, Main Street Financial group CFO, also offers a few pointers. “If you’ve had highly appreciative assets and you’ve already talked to your C…………… continues on WREX-TV

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