Financial Literacy Series: Ben Edwards’ Personal Finance Super Power
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Twelve-year-old Ben Edwards was a video gaming enthusiast who lived vicariously through the strengths of his digitized superheros. It was through the temptation of a shiny new gaming console that challenged the young gamer to develop a new strength of his own and overcome the pressure of empty consumer spending. Now, years later, as the founder of Money Smart Life, Edwards is a personal finance expert helping others harness super powers of a different kind — saving money. In this installment of’s Financial Literacy Month series, Edwards shares how real super heroism comes from the financial decisions we all make in our day-to-day lives.

Do you know what parts of your personality help you and hurt you when it comes to money?  If you can identify your behavioral strengths and weaknesses you can develop your strength into a personal finance super power that more than compensates for your weaknesses.

My Super Power

For example, when I was a kid I really wanted a Nintendo (Entertainment System) but my parents told me I could only have one if I bought it myself. So I worked and saved and finally had enough money to buy my own. However, when I got to th…………… continues on Go Banking Rates

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Two of our personal-finance columnists take a look at the Affordable Care Act from different perspectives today.

Kristen Gerencher reports on a study that shows health insurers may be forking over $ 1.3 billion in rebates this summer. A provision in the health-reform law means rebates to consumers whose health plans have exceeded the limits of a formula designed to ensure that premium payments go mostly to pay for actual medical care. Consumers and businesses in Texas and Florida will see the largest rebates, with $ 186 million and $ 149 million coming back, respectively. Also…………… continues on MarketWatch

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