Financial amnesia’ a factor behind crisis
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Get financial and retirement advice on a budget [Capital (Annapolis, MD)]
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Dear Savvy Senior, Can you recommend any resources that provide affordable one-shot financial advice for folks on a budget? I’m about six years from retirement and would like a quick financial checkup and to get a few questions answered, but I don’t want to pay an ongoing financial advisor to manage my money. – Seeking Advice

Dear Seeking, There are actually a number of services you can turn to for occasional financial and investment advice without tying yourself down or spending a fortune. Here are several to check out.

Fee-only advisors

If you only want a one-time financial checkup, have a few financial questions you need answered, or are looking for some occasional investment advice, a fee-only financial advisor with a certified financial planner certification is one of your best options. The CFP certification serves as the gold standard for personal financial planning, and fee-only advisors charge on a…………… continues on Insurance News Net

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Top 21 Blunders That Can Ruin Property Landlords
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Top 21 Blunders That Can Ruin Property Landlords