Financial Amnesia’ a Factor Behind Crisis
News from CNBC:

Fund managers and financial advisers should be forced to study financial history to reduce the likelihood of future market panics and crashes, according to a leading trade body for investment professionals.

Credit Crisis

A report by the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of the UK condemns “financial amnesia” among institutional investors, arguing that a failure to heed the lessons of past bubbles was a key factor behind the global financial crisis.

CFA UK, which represents 9,000 investment professionals, argues that the study of financial history should form a major part of all compulsory education for retail and wholesale investment professionals. “Financial amn…………… continues on CNBC

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Higher level of financial advice can affect cost
News from Hillsdale Daily News:

Hillsdale, Mich. —

The demand for financial advice is growing. I believe the aging of America, complexity in the tax code and unusual financial markets are the primary causes. As such, the business of giving advice is also growing, and you should recognize whether you are getting the advice that you need, and better understand how much and how you are paying for that advice.
I am an advocate for getting your entire financial house in order, and working to keep it that way. This goes way beyond having enough money to do what you want. But many people incorrectly think that their financial house is in good shape or they simply are not willing to put in the effort.
The cost of the advice you receive should be understood, and placed in the context of the service and advice you are getting. If you work with an investment advisor or a broker and simply get help with your portfolio, that limited scope engagement should be priced accordingly.
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