Finance tips for surviving Valentines Day
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Could you and your spouse or partner survive a financial stress test?

Money can be the source of friction in a relationship. It’s also not something that’s easily discussed. Here are some Valentines Day tips for couples, especially those just starting out together.

— Hold money discussions.

It’s important for both parties to participate in financial conversations, especially if you’re married. There’s a good chance you will have different views on spending, budgeting and determining how much debt is appropriate. Disagreements can lead to stress, so it’s important to talk things out.

“Keep it comfortable and conversational — do not make this a business meeting,” said Bill Hardekopf, chief executive officer at, a credit-card analysis website. “It is not a time for blame and accusations.”

— Fully disclose all debts.

If you’re coming together as a couple, make a list of student and car loans, personal debt and credit-card balances, and share glimpses of your individual credit reports. Both people should take responsibility for monitoring activity on credit cards and other financial transactions.

— Keep some separate credit.

Each spouse should have at least one credit card in his or her own name to build credit histories, and each should order credit reports periodically.

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Top 10 Useful Tips For Personal Finance
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In the current global financial climate, we are all looking for ways to save money. And even if you are not struggling right now, it is a good time to take control of your personal finance, and prevent any potential problems in the future. For some people, financial issues can do nothing but give you a headache. But you do not have to be a mathematician or an accountant to understand how to take charge of your own personal finance.

Here are a few of the most important things to remember when it comes to money.

Don’t Spend More Money Than You Earn

This may seem a little obvious, but most financial problems occur when someone is trying to live outside their means. Credit cards and loan companies make it easy for you do get yourself into debt, but the best thing to do is to take your average income, and work out exactly what you can spend with that.

Take Care of the Important Things

It may seem expensive to keep up with car maintenance, or things around the house, but these are the most important things for you to spend on. Maybe that one repair isn’t crucial right now, but leave it too long and you could run into much worse – and more expensive – trouble somewhere down the road.

Look to Save On Everyday Items

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