Finance tips for 2013
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27 January 2013

It’s as painful and as easy to put off as going for your first run or heading to the gym for the first time. But if you don’t already, make this year the year you take control of your finances – and stick with it.


Peter Turner, Managing Director at Experian Consumer Services UK&I, has these key steps to doing a Credit Health Check which will help you spend sensibly and manage your finances into the New Year:


1. Begin with a budget

If you do one thing this year, make a budget. Look at your income and your real outgoings, your mortgage payments, utilities, travel, any credit repayments you may have. Allow some room for manoeuvre for unexpected expenses and then factor in your living costs. Now that you have a realistic figure in mind, now is the time to consider any big financial outlays you may have for the year and considering how to you will finance them. Whether through savings, using credit facilities you already have or applying for a loan, forward planning will reap rewards.


2. Check your credit report

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