End of Year Financial Tips
News from WSET:

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg, VA – We are on the doorstep to the new year. And a lot of people have shoring up their finances on their list of resolutions. Well, we found some things you can do right now to help your bottom line.

We spoke with Financial Advisor Rick Scruggs at Financial Designs. And, he says to use the payroll tax to your advantage. Many don’t realize Congress had them pay 2% less in payroll taxes this past year. Advisors recommend continuing with that savings on your own, stashing away 2% of every check you get this year.

Another idea: Talk to your Human Resources department and get that tax refund little by little in every check. You can tweak your withholdings, so you don’t have to wait for one big fat tax refund once a year.

“I think it’s all about having some type of plan. So, even if in 2011 you didn’t get a chance to do everything you thought you were…………… continues on WSET

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As you age, your physical health plays an increasing role in your financial health. If your health deteriorates at an alarming rate, it costs you more money. As a result, the level of health you are able to maintain influences your financial situation during retirement. If you want a happier retirement, and one that is likely to be less expensive in the long run, consider these tips for a healthier retirement:

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1. Stay active. Physical activity not only helps you keep your cholesterol down and control Type II diabetes, but it can also help you strengthen your bones. While you don’t want to strain yourself, you should still engage in physical activity regularly. Your ro…………… continues on Yahoo Finance

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