Divorce Attorneys Share their Tips to Avoid Financial Mistakes When Splitting Up
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Couples in the process of divorce tend to narrow their focus on the finish line to put an end to the pain, cost and burden that comes along with legally ending a marriage, but experts warn moving too fast too soon can lead to financial troubles down the road.

“Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish,” says family law attorney of Kessler and Solomiany Family Law. “You don’t want to regret how fast you got out of the marriage.”

A hasty end to marriage may leave one or both parties wishing they were more cautious during the settlement process, he says, and taking the time and spending the money throught the proceedings may save more in the end.

FOXBusiness.com spoke to three divorce attorneys from across the country to get their top financial lessons from watching couples, and their cash, split up day in and out.

Randal Kessler, Kessler and Solomiany Family Law, Atlanta

Don’t lie. It may sound simple, but lying about both financial and non-financial issues will hurt your credibility later in the game, Kessler says.

“If someone lies about cheating and then the court finds out you cheated, the judge won’t believe you later when you say you can only earn $ 100,000 a year,” he says. “Think about Bill Clinton, his lying bothers us more than his cheating.”

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