Cyber Monday Security Tips
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Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) –  In 2010, more than a billion dollars were spent on Cyber Monday sales. has a few tips to keep your computer and your financial information safe.

1) Don’t shop online from your laptop, iPad, or mobile device from an open/unencrypted WiFi network.  The owner of the access point or anyone with a wifi scanner can “sniff” or read all the information travelling through the air.  For example, there are popular hacking tools to hijack Facebook accounts because by default, encryption is turned off.  If you do access an open network, make sure you access websites with “https:”, this means the connection between you and the website is secure. 

2) Don’t “Like” Facebook Contests.  As of May 11, Facebook changed its policy regarding contests because of scams.  The act of liking a page c…………… continues on CBS42

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FBI Offers Tips for Safe Cyber Monday Shopping
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The shopping season isn’t over yet – today is Cyber Monday, the day bargain hunters turn to the internet rather than the malls to look for greats deals.

The FBI offers some tips to avoid internet scams while shopping.

Fraudulent Classified Ads or Auction Sales

Internet criminals post classified ads or auctions for products they do not have. If you receive an auction product from a merchant or retail store, rather than directly from the auction seller, the item may have been purchased with someone else’s stolen credit card number. Contact the merchant to verify the account used to pay for the item actually belongs to you.

Shoppers should be cautious and not provide credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or other financial information directly to the seller. Always use a legitimate payment service to protect purchases.

Gift Card Scam

The safest way to purchase gift cards is directly from the merchant…………… continues on

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