College Financial Tips
News from KVOA Tucson News:

In these shaky economic times, have you thought about going back to college to head in a new direction?
Many people have done this.
But financial advisors say ‘be careful’ not to put yourself into a deeper financial hole than you’re already facing.

Robert Mayer started college, but dropped out, and opened a café in this space near the U-of-A campus.

Mayer said, “this is something as a 20 year-old that i was at the time, you come in and think it’s going to be very easy.”

But it wasn’t easy, and the cafe soon closed.

Robert said he knew he had to go back to college for his long-term survival.
By then, Robert said, he had about 20 dollars left in his bank account.

He enrolled at the U-of-A, took-out student loans, and gave up a steady income. That’s tough enough. But imagine going back to school if you have a job, and kids, and bills to pay? Financial experts warn: this is where things can get really tough.

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Financial Tips for Recent College Graduates & Their Parents
News from Connecticut Watchdog:

If you are saving for your child’s college education, you may need to save a little more for financial support after graduation.

According to a new study by American Express, 80% of graduates move in with their parents after graduation due to financial instability, and almost half of recent graduates are receiving financial assistance from their parents.

“The average student loan debt is $ 24,000,” says Bill Hardekopf, CEO of and author of The Credit Card Guidebook. “Graduates may also have another $ 3,000 in credit card debt. These young adults are
financially stressed before they enter the work force, and many have to turn to their parents for help. But these parents have just spent a lot of their money to pay for the college education and need to be saving for their own
retirement. The parents may need their own financial help.”

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