Claudia Buck: Some tips for ensuring a safe-and-sane shopping season
News from Sacramento Bee:

Thanksgiving is barely over, but the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Between Black Friday and tomorrow’s Cyber Monday, hordes of us are expected to be out scouting the malls and neighborhood boutiques or hovering at our computers to shop online.

After several years of recession-induced belt-tightening, consumers may be loosening up a bit this holiday.

“The past couple years, people have been in a self-protection mode … (and) pulled back on their credit card use, but I think there’ll be a bit of rebound,” said Erica Sandberg, editor of in San Francisco. “It’s a little like dieting: There’s a feeling now that ‘I need to indulge.’ “

But Sandberg and other money-management experts caution against binging on holiday spending. “Always remember what it felt like to be in debt.”

This year, more Americans are jumping into early-bird shopping, according to the annual NPD Group Inc. survey of consumer holiday spen…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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Basic Strategies for Simplifying Your Financial Life

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