China may allow more private investment in state-owned companies
News from Los Angeles Times:

BEIJING — Faced with declining profits and a slowing economy, China said it was drafting plans to boost private investment into industries long dominated by the state.

Investors would be allowed to target government-controlled sectors such as electricity, oil and natural gas, according to the New China News Agency, citing an official at the National Development and Reform Commission on Monday.

Other areas possibly open for investment include healthcare, rail transportation, education and finance. It’s unclear whether foreign investment would be part of the new plan and whether private capital infusion would also lead to more non-governmental control of China’s state-owned enterprises. 

If implemented, the reform could go a long way in leveling China’s economic playing field and steering the country toward a more sustainable path.

China’s powerful state-owned enterprises have been criticized for hoarding loans, operating inefficiently and wiel…………… continues on Los Angeles Times

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