Budgeting Tips For Different Income Brackets
News from San Francisco Chronicle:

Have you ever read an article that gives money saving tips that you just couldn’t relate to? Perhaps it’s giving advice on building your retirement account when you’re having a difficult time paying your bills. Or, the writer states that you can save $ 50 a month on your grocery bill when you really need to know about investing in antiques. The reason for this is that financial advice is dependent upon your income bracket. What works for someone living alone and making $ 15,000 a year is very different than what works for a family of four making a combined income of $ 150,000.

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While each individual’s financial goals and needs are unique, there are some common pieces of advice that apply to each segment of the financial spectrum:

Low: Up to $ 22,000
The poverty line for a family of four is just north of $ 22,000……………. continues on San Francisco Chronicle

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