BMO Harris’ Financial Tip of the Week: Teach Your Children About Online …
News from Sacramento Bee:

/PRNewswire/ — As part of BMO Harris Bank’s ongoing commitment to financial literacy and Making Money Make Sense, BMO Harris is providing weekly financial tips. This week’s tip offers Helpful Steps for Parents to teach their children about online financial safety.

In the United States, you can’t get a credit card until you’re 18 years old. To protect your own finances and at the same time, prepare your children for the day they get their first credit card – discuss these basic online financial safety tips with them:

Protect your information: Never give out your credit card number (or your PIN) to anyone, including your children. Explain to them the importance of protecting your personal information from identity theft.

Include your child in the process: If you are going to make an online purchase on behalf of your child, walk them through the steps you take in order to ensure that a site is legitimate and that financial transactions are secure.

Check your statements: This monthly review will help you catch any misuse or unexplained purchases. And if your children see you putting a tick mark next to each item on your credit card bill, they’ll know you carefully check every item – it will encourage them to do the same wh…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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The emerging health and wealth paradigm
News from Chicago Tribune:

Health tips and financial advice often rhyme, as anyone who has kept a food journal and a spending log knows.

Now, some workplaces are blending traditional retirement education with wellness programs in an effort to boost employee health and wealth in a single shot.

“Since the financial crisis, we have more people calling in with financial issues that are now affecting their health,” said Richard Chaifetz, founder and chairman of ComPsych Corp., a provider of employee assistance programs.

For its corporate clients, ComPsych trains its financial counselors to pick up on signs of significant emotional stress, for example, and put the employee in touch with a mental health professional.

And vice versa: When a hotline caller asks for counseling to handle added stress because a spouse just lost a job, for example, counselors bring in a financial adviser for additional help.

Other companies, including financial services giant American Express, are blending promotional materials for retirement savings and health plans so workers see health and wealth as a single package. Particularly as retirement nears, the concept that staying healthy will keep medical costs down is resonating with workers, benefits experts say.

“Financial literacy, for us, is the same as prevention on the wellness side,” said David Kasiarz, se…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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