Best Investment Options for 2012
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No single investment option can instantly make a millionaire or a billionaire, out of an individual. This is the simple, yet harsh truth, that all of us need to accept. However, these investment options provide us with a genuine amount of security, a little extra cash and in some cases, genuine peace of mind. Our financial interests are secured by these investments. So here are some of the best investment options for 2012. Before we plunge into a detailed analysis of investment options, here is a short introduction to investment lingo.

Best Investment Options for 2012: Concepts

Before you dig deep into the issue of finding the best possible investment destinations, you will need to be familiar with some key terms, that are often used in the industry of financial investment.

  • In case of investments, Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most important indicators, as to which investment vehicle is really good and whi…………… continues on Buzzle

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DC Assets Eyed By Investment Giants
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Two giants of the alternative investment management world—Bridgewater Associates LP and AQR Capital Management LLC—are turning their attention to the defined contribution plan market.

With their sights set firmly on the trillions of defined contribution plan assets expected to move into customized target-date funds before the end of the decade, each company is looking to make sure their risk-parity and hedge fund strategies are readily available for use as components within the target-date series.

On Dec. 15, Westport, Connecticut-based Bridgewater Associates opened a daily liquidity version of its specialist risk-parity strategy, All Weather, in response to demand from the firm’s corporate clients. Bridgewater’s All Weather strategy has been available with monthly liquidity, but the daily liquidity version permits defined contribution plan sponsors to easily slot the strategy as a component in customized target-date funds, confirmed a source with kn…………… continues on Workforce Management

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