Basketball Legends Give Out Books, Financial Tips To Houston Students
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With the All-Star Game in Houston this weekend, the focus of the NBA is on Clutch City these days. Today the league’s initiative “NBA Cares” centered on two Houston elementary schools. The event was all about reading, fitness — and banking.

There were plenty of NBA legends on hand at Franklin Elementary School in east Houston’s Magnolia Park area.

Basketball Hall of Famers George Gervin, Calvin Murphy and Bob Lanier were there to read some of the 500 books the initiative is giving to the school.

But the man who got the most media attention for the first hour or so was Robert Horry. Horry helped the Houston Rockets win back-to-back championships in the mid-nineties and has won seven NBA titles altogether.

Here he is, reading from “You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?” to a group of students.

“Me, I’m an action kind of gal – well, I’m a guy but you know, I’m just reading from the book. I live for danger and suspense.”

Horry says initiatives like this not only help kids right now but hopefully will encourage those same kids to give back to the community later in life. Besides that, he says he’s having a great time.

“It’s always fun. I mean I really enjoy hanging out with the kids. It brings out the youthfulness in me, you know, enjoy them and see their faces light up as you read books to them, interact wit…………… continues on KUHF-FM

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Economics Of Love: Financial Tips Before Tying The Knot
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ORCUTT, Calif. — Love is in the air and you may be feeling it in your wallet.

Time is ticking for Valentine’s day shoppers like Daniel Vasquez who is shopping for that special gift for his fiance. 

“If they plan ahead that’s the best way to go,” says jeweler Mark Melby. 

Daniel is looking at a 24 carat gold-plated rose. “They’re actually real roses and that’s what I like about them because they last forever.”

This Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans plan to spend $ 18.5 billion dollars in candy, gifts and jewelry. 

“The rule of thumb (for) the man is two months salary for purchasing an engagement ring,” says Melby. “If he makes $ 2,500 a month, he should be thinking about spending about $ 5,000 for the engagement ring.”

And those expenses can really add up and get complicated when singles become duos. 

For example, experts say it’s best to open a joint checking account for combined expenses and set how much each person will put in, rather than having one account for everything. 

In terms of moving in, Kim Person of Person, Kim CPA of Santa Maria says married couples can qualify for tax breaks, singles can’t. 

Which brings us back to Daniel who’s going to spend some on his sweetheart this year. 

“I’ve been saving up for it,” says Vasquez. “N…………… continues on

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