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Our experts answer your personal finance questions

Last month, the BBC asked viewers what questions they had about their finances, particularly given creeping concerns at a possible dip back into recession.

Here, BBC journalists Ian Pollock and Laurence Knight provide answers to your questions about pensions, savings, child trust funds, fund managers and investing in gold.

Can conventional private pension saving, such as in funds that invest in the stock market, provide the basis for a decent pension? – Chris Coglin, South Wales continues on BBC News
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It is becoming increasingly common for your medical scheme to expect you to access your benefits through designated service providers (DSPs) – a group of doctors, specialists or hospitals with which the scheme has contracted. If you choose not to use the DSP, you face a hefty penalty in the form of a co-payment. Although DSPs are intended to reduce the cost of benefits, not everyone is happy with them, particularly when a scheme appoints a DSP and members who are already being treated by a non-DSP are told they must change doctors or face a co-payment. Read Personal Finance to find out how DSPs can enhance or prejudice your interests as a member of a medical scheme.

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* Using income funds to earn a growing income.

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