Anniversary of JOBS Act finds investment crowdfunders champing at the bit
News from Forbes:

Anniversary Of JOBS Act Finds Investment Crowdfunders Chomping At The Bit – Forbes

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Roma president Pallotta seeking 75 million euros investment
News from Yahoo! Sports:

Roma president James Pallotta has admitted that he is seeking 75 million euros in investment as he attempts to turn the club into a major sporting brand.

The American entrepreneur, who is a member of the executive board of the NBA’s Boston Celtics, only took charge of the Giallorossi last August, but his tenure has already been the subject of some controversy and concern. Consequently, Pallotta has moved to reassure fans who were left bemused by the way in which their new president was duped by ‘fake sheikh’ Adnan Adel Aref Al Qaddumi Al Shtewi earlier this year, insisting that he knows exactly what he is doing and is committed in the long term.

“Two of our consultants recommended him, so we went ahead [with the planned investment deal],” Pallotta explained to Gazzetta dello Sport. “But when we presented the contract, the money never arrived. We did all the relevant research; we are certainly not stupid. So, we lost only time, not money.”

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