5 Financial tips for the first week of March 2012
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Check out the 5 financial tips for the first week of March 2012.

Tip no 1 – A High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) combined with a Health Savings Account (HSA) will let you save tax free dollars.

You get tax advantages after enrolling into HDHP and HSA. Your money goes towards the HAS before taxes. You can withdraw money anytime. You can take away money on the present day or in future, but you won’t have to pay tax. However, you can take advantage of this facility only when you use the money for medical expenditures. The money you earn on HSA is absolutely tax free. You can invest the money in mutual bonds and reap profits.

Tip no 2 – Do your wedding shopping online to save money.

Wedding is a costly affair. You have so many things to buy for various pre-wedding and post-wedding celebrations. Moreover, you have to invite several people and book caterers for the wedding party.

You can reduce the wedding cost by shopping online. You can buy items on e-Bay at a low price. You can purchase decorative items, wedding dress, cake, etc. online. The best part is you can choose all the items while driving or sitting on your bed. It will help you save time and money. Make sure you place your order in advance. This will help you get the…………… continues on Online News Today

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China Rules, Print-Room Tips, Credit Suisse Buy-Back: Compliance
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China’s banking regulator plans to implement more stringent capital adequacy ratios in the second half of the year, giving lenders time to prepare, said China Banking Regulatory Commission Assistant Chairman Yan Qingmin.

Yan made the remarks to reporters during meetings of the National People’s Congress.

The regulator is seeking industry feedback and approval from the State Council on the Basel III rules, which give the world’s largest lenders, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd., until 2019 to increase core capital ratios to as much as 9.5 percent of risk-weighted assets, Yan said.

China should move faster to liberalize interest rates to encourage competition, even though the change may reduce lenders’ profitability, Yan said. It’s not sustainable for banks to make more than 60 percent of profit from the difference between borrowing and lending rates, he said.

The country will gradually eliminate negative real

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