5 Financial tips for the first week of June 2012
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Check out the 5 financial tips for the first week of June 2012

Tip no 1 – 15% of your wages can be garnished for defaulting on a student loan.

This is the worst aspect of the federal student loans. Uncle Sam can snatch away 15% of your paycheck when you default on the federal student loans. Uncle Sam can start the Administrative Wage Garnishment process once you default on the federal student loans. Your employer will be instructed to withhold 15% of your paycheck every month. This thing will continue till the loan is fully paid back. You can check out the official website of National Student Loan Data System for getting more information.

Tip no 2 – Educate your children about money since childhood so that they know how they should spend money.

Children learn from their parents. It is the duty of the parents to guide the children in the right path. If you love your children and want them to lead a blissful financial life, then teach them the tips and tricks to manage money. Explain the concept of money once they’re in school. Show real life examples which will help them understand the importance of money. Introduce the concept of “piggy banking” at a very young age. Your children will understand t…………… continues on Online News Today

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1st Financial Center Warns Consumers of Credit Card Fraud Protection
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It seems that every year credit card fraud is on the rise. Whether completing transactions at a gas station, over the phone or making a purchase online, scammers are out there waiting to make their move. Research shows that the rate of fraudulent purchases made by cell phones is greater than credit card fraud on the internet. Nevertheless, 1st Financial Center wants to encourage consumers to take precautions when giving out any confidential information.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

1st financial Center, an industry innovator and well known debt relief agency specializing in debt resolution, recognizes that many scam organizations exist worldwide. Many of these illegal organizations are discovered only after thousands of consumers have been defrauded out of millions of dollars. In an effort to reach out and warn consumers, 1st Financial Center has collected and gathered tips to protect consumers from credit card fraud.

1.    Keep watchful eyes on the credit card being used. It is always in good practice to keep a credit card in sight when completing a transaction at a restaurant or retail store.
2.     Never respond to “phishing” scams. Emails that ask for credit card numbers or contain links to another website for consumers to enter in personal information are considered “phishing” sca…………… continues on Virtual-Strategy Magazine

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