4 Tips for Refinancing Your Mortgage
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There has never been a better time to refinance your mortgage. Rates are at record lows. The government is devising new programs to help homeowners. The economy and job market are improving, albeit slowly.

In theory, those factors should be producing a boom in mortgage refinancing. But locking in a deal is proving to be a challenge these days — even for well-heeled homeowners.

Adrian Lubbers

That is because low appraisals and tight lending standards are making it difficult for many borrowers to refinance, even if they have good credit and substantial assets. Even those who meet these hurdles can face frustrating waits.

The good news is that borrowers aren’t powerless in the process. By shifting assets to your mortgage lender, cleaning up your credit and understanding the new government programs, you can improve your chances of scoring a good refinance deal.

“The reward in the end is substantial, provided you can survive the process,” says

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Discussing Financial Issues Should Be Essential Step in Wedding Plans
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Discussing Financial Issues Should Be Essential Step in Wedding Plans

by bbbconsumeralert on May. 29, 2012, under alert, Life, Tips

Summer is a popular time for weddings.  However, even before the ceremony, the couple should take time to sit down and get serious about finances.  Newlyweds need to take control of their finances, advises Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona, or else the walk down the aisle will only lead to a rocky financial future.

“In a marriage it’s important for newlyweds to realize that they are making a financial commitment, as well as an emotional commitment,” said Kim States, BBB President. “Couples need to have the conversation sooner rather than later, so they can develop healthy personal financial habits together.”

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