1 Way Your Financial Advisor Could Help You (but Probably Isn’t)
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Recently, I’ve been pretty critical of the financial advisory industry. While it might seem like I’m sounding off simply because I’m an acerbic nincompoop that has a bone to pick with financial advisors, that’s actually far from the truth (at least the acerbic part).

In fact, I think that financial advisors have the potential to create significant value for investors. In that regard, I’m very much in line with Robert Shiller in his recent book Finance and the Good Society, where he writes:

Increasing access to legal and financial advice — access that affords people a patient and sympathetic advisor — is one of the key factors in developing a truly responsive financial capitalism for the future. If people have good legal and financial advisors who really represent them, who are committed to nothing more than helping them, they will make better decisions.

However, for an industry that has the potential to add so much value, it pains me that brokers and financial advisors so often fail to live up to this potential.

Investors behaving badly
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Financial Times tips Okonjo-Iweala for W…
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Financial Times(FT), a world leading financial newspaper in a recent editorial gave reasons why they feel Okonjo Iweala should lead the World Bank.

The London based newspaper in an article titled “The right leader for the World Bank” published on Tuesday acknowledged that the United states candidate, Jim Yong Kim could be a good  candidate, but the article makes it clear that the candidate will need more qualifications than Kim has.

The editorial list skills like, a command of macroeconomics, the respect of leaders of both the funding and the funded countries, and the management skills to implement his or her vision, as criteria for the next world bank president, which the  FT  editorial says it believes Okonjo-Iweala is best qualified.

The editorial says:

“Ms Okonjo-Iweala has real-world experience of policy-making in one of the most challenging developing countries. Her experience in tackling corruption would be helpful in the battle against the misuse of Bank funds. While her record as a finance minister is not flawless, her reforming drive has earned her credibility with the international community. That, and her charismatic…………… continues on BusinessDay

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